Training Rates

Futurs Divers

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Do not hesitate to contact the President Christian  (079 897 28 27)or the Vice President  Martine if you wish to take a training course CMAS or PADI , in French or English. You would take off quietly with your diving licence.


Only the training finished and given by one of our instructor will be partly reimbursed by the Club.

Club Instructors

PADI:   Fred Grandchamp, Patricia Lanni, Alexandra Sautter, Pierre-Alain Huber

CMAS: Vincent Meunier

FSSI : Patrick Susan

If you choose to follow a training with another instructor, you must first ask for the agreement of the Committe prior to expect a financial participation. The agreement must be required before the training starts.

REFRESH during a Club Dive or Trip

The Club parcipated to 50% for the members, below rates are the cost effectively charged to the Members:

  • Guided dive without training exercices                                              CHF  20.-
  • Buoyancy training, orientation training or any specific training:        CHF 40.-



  • Dry suit training CHF 400.-
  • Preparation to  Ice Diving
  • Specific training taken outside the Club will get a participation if agreed first and prior to its start by the Committee.


OPEN  WATER DIVER  OWD :  CHF 890.-         all included (minimum 2 persons) 
AOWD :                                       CHF 630.-         all included (minimum 2 persons) 
RESCUE:                                    Cost to be checked with the instructor
Dive Master:                               Cost to be checked with the instructor (appr. 1600.-)
Club Official Instructors: Fred Grandchamp,Patricia Lanni


P1 CMAS :                                 CHF 740.-    + (CHF 150.- equip)     (from 2 persons) 
P2 CMAS :                                 (see rates on “Brevets_2014 CMAS below)
P3 CMAS :                                 (see rates with the instructor)
 Club Official Instructors: Vincent Meunier, Delphine Wirth ( Maui diving)


Members benefits from a club contribution of 20% (Max. CHF 120.-). This contribution will be reimbursed once the member can present his diving certificate.

When/how often/where: Diving course timing is decided between the students and the instructor

 You can contact us any time to start a training



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