We do not lend any diving equipment. All members are either owning their own equipment or rent it.

– Attached you will find a rental price list from the Scuba Shop in Villeneuve.

– Under the following links, you will also find price lists and information from the following recommended shops:

– ScubH2O Morges :
– Swissub Belmont :
– MAUI diving (Renens – swimming pool):
– La Boutique du Plongeur Fribourg:

We warmly encourage you to service your diving equipment regularily. Send your tickets to the cashier: ou Corinne Riedo, E2V-7-5 200, Av. Nestlé 55, 1800 Vevey and you will receive a financial contribution. Please keep in mind that sea water can quickly damage a regulator if not rinced properly.

We can recommend your the Scubashop in Villeneuve to service your regulators of any brand : Scubashop Villeneuve

Téléchargement Rental Equipment – Scuba-shop Villeneuve